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Those with their finger on the pulse of the global food scene can’t help but hear the current buzz concerning Wagyu beef. Husband and wife team Ben and Amy Benson have brought this amazing delicacy from Japan to the pastures of their small Nebraska farm and to the tables of North American residents. Featured in the world’s best restaurants and ideal for taking center stage in elegant private dinners parties, this buttery soft beef radiates with pure flavor.


Plum Creek adheres to the core components of raising Wagyu beef, providing the animals with an environment that’s as stress-free as possible. Unlike traditional beef cattle that are packed tightly in outdoor pens, Plum Creek’s Wagyu beef is raised in small groups rather than in large herds and are provided with access to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Remaining stress-free promotes the process of marbling.

USDA Inspected for Food Safety

Food safety is paramount to Plum Creek Wagyu. Our beef is cut and packaged in federally inspected USDA facilities. All beef is immediately frozen after being hand cut or ground and stored in a state of the art cold storage facility, until it is shipped with ice packs in styrofoam coolers to keep everything safely frozen in transit.

Shipping the Best Online Steaks

All orders placed with Plum Creek Wagyu are shipped directly from our facility in Seward, Nebraska. If you’ve ever asked yourself, ” Where can I buy wagyu beef ,” you’ve come to the right place!


Wagyu beef online sale of wagyu burgers and wagyu steaks.

Unlike other beef companies, Plum Creek Wagyu doesn’t cross breed our Wagyu cattle with other breeds.

We maintain a pure line for the purpose of preserving the outstanding quality of beef that only 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef can offer.

A gift of Wagyu Beef

Our Fullblood Wagyu Beef isn’t just for corporate clients, however. Receiving one of our gift boxes makes any recipient feel valued and special. Gift the best online steak, gift wagyu 

Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience for more information on giving the gift of the tastiest beef on the planet.

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