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Once reserved only for the Emperor, his family and his Samurai, Wagyu beef comes from the descendants of indigenous Asian cattle that were crossed with cattle brought east from Europe and Great Britain in the latter part of the 19th century. However, the original hybrids were not used as food at all because during that period, Japanese citizens were prohibited by both national and religious law from eating the flesh of animals.

All this changed when a renowned leader in the Japanese military revealed that including beef in their diet substantially strengthened his soldiers. Beef consequently became a mandatory part of the military’s diet during wartime. Returning soldiers brought a love of beef to the home front, and a new culinary tradition was born.

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Acknowledging their chance, pioneering breeders started selectively reproducing their herds for human intake– some of those early hereditary records made it through till today in the Wagyu herd books going back to the 1830’s.

The Wagyu herds were developed with the focus on quality not quantity – regularly marbled, low-cholesterol beef, recognized as the world’s finest for unmatched taste, tenderness and exquisite eating quality.

Having recognized exactly what they have, Japan is very protective of the Wagyu breed and categorized Wagyu as a nationwide treasure.

What Makes Wagyu Different?

Modern Wagyu cattle are a rare breed that is renowned for their incredible flavor and meat texture. The breed’s heritage as heavy-duty draft animals give the cattle higher-than-average levels of intra-muscular fat that creates its amazing marbling. The texture of the meat is exceedingly fine, making it tender to the point where it literally melts in your mouth when properly prepared.

Wagyu beef is superior to standard beef in every way possible. In fact, because of its high level of marbling, Wagyu beef often surpasses the standards put in place by the USDA for its top grade of Prime. A study by the University of California at Davis actually puts many cuts of Wagyu beef at Prime++. You won’t find that anywhere among standard beef.

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