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All Kobe is Wagyu,
but not all Wagyu is Kobe.

Many people get Kobe and Wagyu beef confused. You deserve to know what you’re buying. Here’s the difference:


Wagyu is the actual breed of Japanese cattle, Kobe is not a breed of cattle. Kobe is fullblood Wagyu (pure Tajima-gyu lineage) that is raised and harvested in Kobe, Japan. All Kobe is Wagyu, but not all Wagyu is Kobe.

Often, restaurants have “Kobe” burgers or meat on the menu. Unless the meat was imported from Japan, this is a case of mislabeling.
Less than 10 restaurants in the U.S. serve authentic Kobe beef, which is directly imported from Kobe, Japan.
Our cattle are 100% fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu. They have never been crossbred with another breed and maintain pure fullblood Wagyu genetics.

Why 100% Wagyu?

Modern Wagyu cattle are a rare breed that is renowned for their incredible flavor and meat texture. The breed’s heritage as heavy-duty draft animals give the cattle higher-than-average levels of intramuscular fat that creates its amazing marbling.

The texture of the meat is exceedingly fine, making it tender to the point where it literally melts in your mouth when properly prepared.

Wagyu beef is superior to standard beef in every way possible. In fact, because of its high level of marbling, Wagyu beef often surpasses the standards put in place by the USDA for its top grade of Prime. A study by the University of California at Davis actually puts many cuts of Wagyu beef at Prime++.

You won’t find that anywhere among standard beef.

Difference between wagyu and kobe explained

Quality, Guaranteed.

We do NOT sell Wagyu that has been crossbred with another breed (like Angus).
All of our Wagyu have been DNA-parentage verified by the American Wagyu Association and are 100% fullblood Wagyu with absolutely NO crossbreeding.
Our cattle are direct descendants of Japanese cattle with unmixed ancestry. They have never been crossbred with other cattle breeds and are raised in Nebraska.

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