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Bringing Wagyu Beef From Farm to Your Table

Hi, I'm Adam Wackel. I'm the owner of Plum Creek Wagyu and Wackel Farms Wagyu. My dream has always been to raise cattle. When I learned about the demand for high-quality Wagyu beef, I was all in. I knew that I wanted to produce this high quality luxury beef so more people could taste how good it is.

Because of my passion for raising cattle, I raise my Wagyu herd holistically, without hormones, in a stress-free environment. This care leads to the best quality meat on your plates.

Our Promise

We raise all natural Wagyu beef with absolutely no added hormones or steroids, and no unnecessary antibiotic usage. All of our animals are DNA-parentage verified by the Australian Wagyu Association, with the purpose of preserving the outstanding quality of beef that only 100% fullblood Wagyu can offer.

Food safety is paramount to Plum Creek Wagyu. Our beef is hand cut and packaged locally at McLean Beef (York, NE) which is a federally inspected USDA facility. All beef is immediately frozen and stored in a state of the art cold storage facility, until it is shipped with dry ice in Green Cell Foam to keep everything safely frozen in transit.

All orders placed with Plum Creek Wagyu are shipped directly from our facility in Seward, Nebraska, on Monday's. If you’ve ever asked yourself, ”Where can I buy Wagyu beef,” you’ve come to the right place!

What Drives Us?

Getting world-class Wagyu to your doorstep should not be difficult. With us, it’s easy.