Due to the nature of our product, we are unable to accept returns. If you feel the product you received is damaged or defective, please report the issue to Plum Creek Wagyu immediately upon receipt of your order. Damage reports submitted more than 8 hours following delivery will automatically be redirected to the shipping agent for claim submission and consideration.

To Report An Issue: Please email plumcreekwagyu@gmail.com with the following information as soon as you unpack the shipment:

Description of issue or damage
Photos of damaged item and item label
Photos showing the condition of top and bottom of box it arrived in
Photos showing the condition of the internal liners and packaging

Please also let us know if you are able to consume the item in question or if the damage will require the product to be discarded. The information and photos you provide are extremely helpful and allow us to visually assess the damages, provide feedback, and help us to continually improve our service.

We will be happy to review your report, photos, and any information provided in order to provide an appropriate resolution. If needed, we may request additional information or photos from you in order to complete our review.

Plum Creek Wagyu does not issue product replacements or refunds if:

Delivery/shipment is refused by the recipient.
Delivery/shipment is returned to Plum Creek Wagyu without authorization.
Any shipment is delivered incorrectly and/or undeliverable due to incomplete, incorrect, and/or invalid shipping addresses.
Delays and/or delivery problems are specifically caused by the shipping company.
Delivery is delayed or affected by weather and/or acts of god.
Products are improperly stored/handled after being successfully delivered.

**If a refund is issued, customers will only receive a refund for Fullblood Wagyu beef products, NOT for the original shipping costs.**

Order Cancellation Fees and Conditions:

We charge 3% of the total amount of the order as a cancellation fee.
If your order has already been packed or shipped, we are unable to cancel or refund your order.
For Pre-Ordered items, we charge 15% of the total amount of a Pre-Ordered item(s) as a restocking fee.
Online Gift Cards are delivered instantly after being purchased and cannot be cancelled or refunded.