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About Wagyu Beef

How is Wagyu beef graded?

Grading for Wagyu involves yield grades (A to C) and meat quality grades (1 to 5). A5 represents the pinnacle of quality.

Why does Wagyu beef come at a premium?

The breed's distinct genetics, their meticulous care, and specialized feeding lead to the unparalleled quality and taste of Wagyu, accounting for its premium price.

Storing and Cooking

How should I store my Wagyu beef upon arrival?

Each Wagyu cut is vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness. Refrigerate for near-term consumption or freeze for prolonged storage.

Any tips for cooking Wagyu beef?
  1. Given its rich marbling, Wagyu requires less cooking time. A high-heat, short-duration sear or reverse searing is ideal to truly relish its flavors.
Can I refreeze Wagyu beef after thawing?

To maintain the optimum taste and texture of Wagyu, avoid refreezing once it's been thawed.

Ordering and Shipping:

How will my Wagyu beef be shipped?

We ensure that our Wagyu beef reaches you in prime condition by shipping it frozen in environmentally-friendly, insulated packaging.

I have concerns about my order. What should I do?

Our commitment is towards quality. If you find any issues, reach out to our customer service, and we'll address your concerns.

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