It's not every day that you get recognized for something you're deeply passionate about. For us at Plum Creek Wagyu, that day came when our commitment to quality, flavor, and authenticity was celebrated on an esteemed platform.



In a competition that saw participation from some of the best Wagyu producers, being crowned the Inaugural America Wagyu Association Tasters Whimsy World Champion was not just an honor but a testament to the meticulous care and dedication we pour into every aspect of our Wagyu production.


A Journey of Dedication

Our story isn't just about premium beef; it's about a journey from our family farm in Nebraska to plates across the country. Our ethos is simple: respect the process, honor the animal, and ensure every cut of Wagyu beef that bears our name stands up to the highest standards of quality and taste.


The Competition: A Battle of Flavors

The American Wagyu Association Tasters Whimsy World Championship is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of the rich, buttery flavors, tender textures, and the intricate marbling that Wagyu is renowned for. Being part of this event was an experience in itself, with 11 entrants showcasing their best Wagyu, each unique in its way.


Why Plum Creek Wagyu Stood Out

While every participant brought something special to the table, our Fullblood Wagyu beef stood out, thanks to its unparalleled taste and the passion behind its production. Our Wagyu isn't just meat; it's a story of the land, the cattle, and the people behind it. Every cut of our beef tells a tale of sustainable farming practices, ethical animal treatment, and a desire to bring nothing but the best to our customers. This commitment was evident in the taste, texture, and aroma of our Wagyu, which resonated with the judges.


Looking Ahead with Pride and Passion

Winning the championship is a significant milestone, but for us at Plum Creek Wagyu, the journey doesn't end here. It's a stepping stone, an inspiration to continue our pursuit of excellence. Our aim remains to bring the distinct taste and unmatched quality of our Wagyu from our farm to your table.

As we bask in the pride of this achievement, we're reminded of our responsibility — to our cattle, to our land, and to you, our valued customers. Here's to many more years of unrivaled flavors and unwavering commitment.

Cheers to the Wagyu Champions! 🏆 Discover the taste that made us champions. Explore our range of Wagyu products and experience the Plum Creek difference for yourself.

September 25, 2023