When we think 'Wagyu', we often envision an exquisitely marbled steak. But there's another product that promises the luxurious flavors of Wagyu in a versatile form – wagyu ground beef. In this post, we'll delve into what makes this beef so special and why it should feature in your upcoming recipes.

What Makes Ground Wagyu Stand Out?


The same beautiful marbling that Wagyu steaks are famed for can be found in wagyu ground beef. This ensures dishes, whether it's a burger or chili, have that deep flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Higher Fat Content:

Thanks to Wagyu's unique genetics, this ground beef is richer in unsaturated fats, particularly omega fatty acids, than its regular counterparts. This gives the beef its signature flavor without any preservatives.

Quality and Sustainability:

Ground Wagyu beef from Plum Creek Wagyu is a product of meticulous rearing practices. This not only ensures quality but also an ethical and sustainably-produced ground beef offering.

Cooking with Ground Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Burgers:

Turn up the grill and savor the tenderness of Wagyu in every bite of your burger. A sprinkle of salt and pepper is all you need!

Meatballs and Meatloaves:

Whether it's a traditional meatball spaghetti or a hearty meatloaf, ground Wagyu beef can elevate your dish to gourmet levels.

Tacos & Burritos:

Elevate your taco nights. With this beef, every taco bite becomes an event.

Wagyu Beef Chili:

Warm up your family nights with a hearty Wagyu beef chili that boasts unparalleled depth in flavor.

Shopping Tips and Storage

  • When ordering ground Wagyu beef, especially for delivery, make sure it's from a trusted source like Plum Creek Wagyu that provides full traceability.
  • Our customer service is always available for queries related to your order, shipping information, or special offers.
  • Store your beef in the coldest part of your fridge for short-term use, or freeze it to maintain its freshness for longer.

Ground Wagyu beef, whether it's in your burger, chili, or any other ground beef recipe, is a testimony to the versatility and luxury of Wagyu. As a product direct from our farm, it promises quality, flavor, and the richness that Wagyu is known for.

Note to readers: At Plum Creek Wagyu, we not only offer top-tier wagyu ground beef, but a range of new products and related products to cater to all your culinary desires. Dive into the Wagyu experience with us today!

August 12, 2023