Ribeye Steaks - Fullblood Wagyu Beef



Wagyu beef connoisseurs often consider the 100% Fullblood Wagyu Ribeye as the best steak out there. Thick, juicy and full of robust flavor, the succulent ribeye is a favorite of our meat-savvy customers and they sell out fast!

- Boneless

- Each steak weighs within 1 ounce +/- of specified weight

- All natural, no additives, no preservatives

Actual product may be slightly different than shown. Due to natural variations in our cattle, shape, size, and/or weight of individual cuts may vary. It is normal to see slight variations in color depending on both the type of product and the aging process. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sam Koch

I sent some Ribeyes, Steaks and Jerky to some of the guys on the Baltimore Ravens for Christmas. The guys reached out and raved over how good all the meat was. They told me it was one of the best cuts of meat they have ever tasted.
Thank you Plum Creek Wagyu.

Kimberly T
Hands down, best tasting beef

I'm a born and raised Texan and everyone knows we love beef! Not to mention, I'm crazy about wagyu! I've been on a quest to find the best tasting fullblood wagyu available from cattle ranches here in the US. Out of 6 different ranches, hands down, Plum Creek. IS. THE. BEST! The quality of this meat is apparent from the moment I opened the box. These steaks were packaged and frozen perfectly. I cooked one of these bad boys for dinner last night on a cast iron and I was blown away. Just kosher salt, black pepper and canola oil. No butter needed. High heat flipping every 30 seconds. Perfection. I could not get over how AMAZING the meat tastes. I can't wait to try one of these over a charcoal grill. Will definitely give an update when I do. In the meantime, don't hesitate to try one. These are so worth it! You'll be coming back for more. I know I am.

Thanks Plum Creek! Your meats are practically life changing!! My quest ends here with you guys!!

Kimberly, in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, 'Not all who wander are lost,' and we are so glad you found a successful end to your Wagyu beef quest with Plum Creek Wagyu. Thank you for letting us know about your Wagyu Ribeye experience and for some great cooking advice that will surely inspire others to take their culinary quest to the next level.

john walsh
This is IT !

No need for any seasoning.

No need to oil your pan.

No need to butter baste.

No need to add anything

Just cook the steak and get ready to experience the AWESOME umami richness and super tender juiciness unique to Full Blood American Wagyu !

No Lie.

We are absolutely delighted that you enjoyed our Wagyu Ribeye Steaks John! Your 'no need for anything but the steak' review tells us that we are fulfilling the goal we set out to pursue... to produce the highest quality 100% Wagyu Beef right here in the USA. Thank you for telling us about your experience and for your business!

john walsh
Unparalleled customer service !

The site is easy to navigate and use. The product arrives on time and frozen solid. Questions are answered quickly and thoroughly.

Not all American Wagyu are full blood American Wagyu. It is richer and juicier than Japanese Wagyu stock crossed with American stock like Black Angus. It is the closest one can get to the Nirvana of steak, Japanese A5, at 30-50 % of the price.

Try it. Like me, you'll love Plum Creek Full Blood American Wagyu and the Top Shelf folks who make it possible to get to you.

We couldn't say it better ourselves John and are happy your Wagyu experience was stellar from start to it's beefy-buttery finish!

john walsh
An orgasm on a plate

Each bite is an orgiastic combination of mouth flooding, unctuous , umami richness and tender, juicy chewiness. You alone are responsible for your reaction to this orgasm inducing gustatory marvel .

The steak passes my 2 measures of excellence easily : can it stand alone with no seasoning and can it make a meal in itself ? Emphatically YES to both.

The folks at Plum Creek Wagyu Beef provide a great product backed by way over top shelf customer service. Patty is fantastic!!!!

We are so pleased that your two measures of excellence align with our goals of producing the highest-quality fullblood Wagyu and a culinary experience like no other. You were a pleasure to work with and we hope to see you again soon.